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584 Picture Hanging Cord White No.1 22kg 100m

Framers can use any of the brown or white LION low-stretch picture cords confident that they will never fail in normal use

Made for us by the same UK manufacturers for many years, to ISO9001 quality standards and braided using polyester or polypropylene fibre.

– Neither fibre will rot or degrade over time. They will not absorb moisture from the atmosphere which can change the characteristics of some cords.

– Less than 1% stretch carrying a 15kg frame.

– The LION low-stretch cords range has five load variations in white, for frames from 22kg up to 84kg, and three in brown, for frames from 22kg up to 46kg.

– As is normal engineering practice, the safe working loads quoted, SWL, are approx. 25% of the manufacturers tested failure load so if the frame is a bit heavier than expected or there is an occasional ‘shock’ loading, there is a big margin for error.

This no.1 white cord, 584, has a failure load of 89kg giving an SWL for frames up to 22kg.

Hints for safer and reliable picture hanging

– Select the correct cord and practice tying secure knots.

– Use suitable hangers on the frame such as one-hole or two-hole D Rings.

– Suggest to customers that for larger frames, they hang them on two hooks spaced apart. This spreads the load and makes the frame more stable. Bumpers on the bottom corners help stability.

Load Testing

We have an in-house purpose-built load testing rig so you can be more certain of the safe load carrying capacity of any frame hardware from Lion.

SWL – Red handle icon giving a tested safe load figure which is derived from actual test results on our rig. Typically between 25% and 33% of the load at failure.

ESWL – White handle icon shows an estimated safe load figure based on our experience and best judgement.


89kg estimated safe working load

100m length

1.5mm diameter


Additional information


100m, 500m


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