Daler – Rowney Mountboard Single Sheets


Blackcore 5.95

White core 5.50

Jumbo 9.90

2.6mm thick 9.50

SKU: Daler - Rowney Mountboard Category:


Daler White Core Mount Board

Each mountboard is lignin-free, alkaline-size and pH neutral. They are calcium carbonate buffered to enhance their useful lifespan by minimising the effect of atmospheric pollutants. Meets FATG specification for standard mountboard. The pure white core giving a clean, crisp, bevel cut.

Standard sheet size 1200mm x 815mm, 1.4mm thick, available in over 100 colours. Extra thick boards in 5 colours.

Jumbo sheet size 1524mm x 1016mm, 1.4mm thick, available in 4 colours.

About Daler

Daler-Rowney have been producing a very wide range of quality mountboards in the UK for many years. Careful selection of all the materials and digital control of the manufacturing process ensures that all mountboards in their range are of the highest quality.


Additional information

Daler Colour codes

D4512 (Charcoal Black, Black Core), D4532 (Gold Black Core ), D4542 Poster Black Blackcore, D4562 Superwhite Blackcore, D4569 Antique White Black Core, D5002 Aubergine Murano, D5007 Plum Murano, D5011 Cobalt Blue Murano, D5018 Emerald Murano, D5019 Shadow Pink Murano, D5028 Chocolate Murano, D5034 Midnight Murano, D5035 Softwhite Murano, D8001 Ash Grey, D8002 Avocado, D8003 Lily White, D8006 Bottle Green, D8007 Brick, D8008 Damson, D8010 Deep Black, D8011 Champagne, D8012 Charcoal Black, D8013 Catkin, D8014 Coffee, D8016 Crimson, D8017 Bright White, D8018 Dawn Pink, D8019 Deep Cream, D8020 Cream, D8022 Dove Grey, D8024 Primrose, D8026 Green Grey, D8027 Holly Green, D8028 Horizon Blue, D8029 Hussar Blue, D8030 Ivory, D8031 Maroon, D8032 Gold Metallic, D8033 Silver Metallic, D8034 Mid Grey, D8035 Jade, D8036 Misty Grey, D8041 Pompadour, D8042 Poster Black, D8043 Russian Green, D8044 Satinwood, D8045 Parchment, D8046 Sandstone, D8047 Saxe Blue, D8048 Scarlet, D8049 Seal, D8050 Sepia, D8052 Silver Grey, D8054 Snow White, D8055 Soft Green, D8056 Stone, D8059 Sunset Pink, D8062 Super White, D8066 Pillar Box Red, D8067 Plum, D8068 Willow Green, D8069 Antique White, D8070 Pale Ivory, D8072 Dark Grey, D8073 Dawn Grey, D8074 Delf Blue, D8077 Shadow Pink, D8078 Silver Birch, D8082 Twillght Blue, D8083 Wedgewood, D8085 Terracotta, D8086 Sage, D8087 Sahara, D8089 Spice, D8091 Ice White, D8092 Maize, D8101 Tint 1, D8103 Tint 3 Textured, D8104 Tint 4, D8105 Tint 5, D8107 Tint 7, D8110 Tint 10, D8200 Polar White Ingres, D8215 Cream Caramel Ingres, D8224 Oxford Blue Ingres, D8267 Soft White Ingres, D8285 Milkwood Ingres, D8286 Cotton White Ingres, D8299 Sand Ingres, D8342 Adobe, D8357 Linen, D8404 Cumulus Cloud, D8408 Marble Pink, D8601 Antique Ivory Textured, D8602 Alpine White Textured, D8604 Blush Textured, D8606 Fellstone Textured, D8608 Grey Mauve Textured, D8625 Pale Peach Textured, D8637 Dusty Pink Textured, D8638 Orchid Textured, D8655 Papyrus Textured, D8694 Antique White Textured, D8695 Light Parchment Textured, D8696 Pale Ivory Text, D8697 Snow White Textured, D8723 Poppy Red, D8725 Rust, D8737 Stone Grey, D8742 Jumbo Black, D8754 Jumbo Snow White, D8769 Jumbo Antique White, D8791 Jumbo Ice White, D8797 Jumbo Snow White Textured, Xtra – Tak


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