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S305 Stretcher Bars Standard 305mm 1 pair FSC Mix Credit

Standard stretcher bar profile, finger jointed and edge laminated pine.

Sizes 737mm and larger are notched to take Brace Bars, minimising the possibility of long sides bowing under tension.

Stretched canvases can lose tension over time. Slotted corner joints allow the customer to tap wooden wedges, supplied with each pair of stretcher bars, into the corner, opening it up very slightly and re-tensioning the canvas.

All Lion stretcher bars are supplied approximately 3mm shorter than listed sizes. Wooden wedges are included. No special tools are needed to assemble slotted Stretcher Bars. We recommend a soft faced hammer to tap the corners together.

Our stretcher bars are made to the highest specification and subject to careful quality control throughout production. Special attention to the shaping of the bar and corner joints guarantees that all of our bars fit neatly together and lie flat against the wall.

Lion stretcher bars are purpose made, ready to assemble into any size. Choose 2 pairs of bars and slot them together. All have a bevelled edge meaning that the stretched canvas will not show an imprint of the bars, and are designed for a seamless fit at the corners.

• No special tools needed for assembly, just tap together with a soft-faced hammer. Measure diagonals to check for squareness
• Wooden wedges supplied with every pair are tapped into corner slots to allow re-tensioning of canvas
• Slotted bars are supplied 3mm shorter than stated size to allow tensioning
• The edges are precision machined to a 2.25mm radius. This gives a crisp edge with minimal risk of cracking the ink film
• Careful machining of the slots means the bars slot together neatly and lie flat against the wall


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